How to put your twitter account on the #followalibrary map?


You have to have a google account (gmail address). Activate it.

Click on the text Show the #followalibrary-map on a larger map below the map

Click on 'Aanmelden' (= Sign in. At the right top of the page)

Fill in the password of your gmail account

Click on 'Bewerken' (= edit. Leftside of the map)

Then a hand, a blue needle and a curved line appear in the left corner of the map.

Go to the street where your library is.

Take the blue needle to the building of your library.

Put it down on the building.

Fill in the name of your library and the twitter account.

Save (ok).

Click left of the map on 'Opslaan' (= save)

Sign out ('Afmelden'. At the right top of the page).

Go back to the original map on

Refresh the page.

The twitter account of your library will be on the map.


Show the #followanalibrary-map on a larger map