Great videos on #followalibrary


We absolutely love these videos. Keep up the great work everyone!

If you add the "followalibrary" tag to your youtube #followalibrary videos they will show up in our #followalibrary twub

from Jan Holmquist 
on twitter:

from Daenel

Stephen Abram and #followalibrary


Only a few days to go and it wil be October 1st! :-)
We talked to Stephen Abram and asked him what he thinks about the upcoming library event on Friday.

The Follow a Library promotion poster. Print it. Hang it.


We have made a poster.
You can use it to promote your library.

Fill in your twittername
Hang it.

The poster is up! #followalibrary on Twitpic

Take a picture of it and show it, just like @RegionbiblSthlm did.

Make your own followalibrary promotion video


Challange: make your own follow a library promotion video.

Put it on YouTube and share it with us/ the world.

Use your Flip, you smarthphone, handycam. Use your inspiration. Be creative.

Let the world know: October 1st is Follow a library day on Twitter

Dare too Share

David Lee King is doing it too on Oct 1st


Promote your library's twitter feed


Michael Stephens wrote some tips / ideas to promote your library's twitter feed, and to promote #followalibrary day

  • Embed one of the followalibrary video's in your library’s blog or Web site and write a little blurb about your own library’s Twitter presence.
  • Make a companion video highlighting the project and the faces behind your library’s Twitter presence.
  • Add info about the project to your other sites for online presence: Facebook, etc. Share with your friends everywhere.
  • Print up some of those ever popular bookmarks, inserts, fliers, stickers, etc (and do it quick) and send them out the door with your patrons.
  • Put up some fliers, get some local press coverage, and be sure to share the idea with your own followers.

Lukas made a button for #followalibrary-day

Want this button?
Just copy and paste this HTML
into your webpage:

Give your library a twitter makeover for followalibrary day


Erin Logsdon (@taxonomylady) wrote a blogpost with some great tips how to give your library a twitter makeover for follow a library day.

Having a complete profile (Location, Web, Bio) is important for two reasons. One, the text in these fields in keyword searchable, so it will help people find you if the information is complete and relevant. Two, people use the profile information as a contextual way of understanding who you are and the purpose of your Twitter account. Can they ask you a question via Twitter or do you only use the account to push news stories and other content?

Adding the name of the person responsible for tweeting in the Bio is a great way to add a human element to the account. It also lets people know who to contact if they need further assistance.

Read all the makeover tips from Erin on Beyond Sliced Bread

Michael Stephens is doing it on Oct 1st