Promote your library's twitter feed

Michael Stephens wrote some tips / ideas to promote your library's twitter feed, and to promote #followalibrary day

  • Embed one of the followalibrary video's in your library’s blog or Web site and write a little blurb about your own library’s Twitter presence.
  • Make a companion video highlighting the project and the faces behind your library’s Twitter presence.
  • Add info about the project to your other sites for online presence: Facebook, etc. Share with your friends everywhere.
  • Print up some of those ever popular bookmarks, inserts, fliers, stickers, etc (and do it quick) and send them out the door with your patrons.
  • Put up some fliers, get some local press coverage, and be sure to share the idea with your own followers.

Lukas made a button for #followalibrary-day

Want this button?
Just copy and paste this HTML
into your webpage:

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